Tips To Get Pregnant

When you find you cannot get pregnant right away, it can be a very difficult time. Women can start to feel scared, sad and not in control of your life when you are unable to conceive. Fortunately, there are some tips to get pregnant which are very effective and can help you in your own life.

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Tips To Get Pregnant

  • The most important step to take when you are trying to get pregnant is to create an ovulation calendar for yourself. If you are not having intercourse on the days when you are ovulating, you are greatly decreasing your chances of getting pregnant. There are no complex calculations to work out in most cases. Instead, you simply determine what the first day of your last menstrual cycle was, the figure out the date exactly two weeks from then. This tells you the day you should be ovulating. Having intercourse that day, as well as the couple of days before and after will greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant. Having sex before ovulation offers the greatest chances of conception; sperm lasts longer than the egg, so having sex before the egg drops from the uterus increases your odds of getting pregnant.


  • Another of the most effective tips to get pregnant is to make any necessary lifestyle changes to get yourself healthier and happier. If you are not eating a nutritious diet, staying physically active and keeping yourself happy and unstressed, this can cause problems with conceiving. Base your meals around fresh fruits and vegetables for the most part, drink lots of water and get started with relaxing activities and exercises such as yoga, meditation and do things to make yourself happy, even if that just means relaxing in a bubble bath or going on vacation.


  • Make an appointment to see your doctor. Even if there is nothing medically wrong that is causing you to have troubles getting pregnant, your doctor is more experienced and can more easily pinpoint any issues they think may be at play. Whether your ovulation is a bit irregular, you or your partner has a sexually transmitted disease, you are lacking in certain vitamins and minerals; whatever it may be, your doctor can help you get in the best shape and fix any problems to help you get pregnant.

With these sorts of tips to get pregnant, you greatly increase your odds of conception and hopefully are thrilled with the next pregnancy test you take.