If your medical history and previous testing indicate that IVF is the  appropriate treatment for you, our fee for a complete cycle of standard IVF is $4,700 . This covers monitoring (blood tests and ultrasound), egg retrievalanesthesiologist fee for egg retrievalembryo culture and embryo transfer, but does not include the cost of medication, nor ICSI and/or assisted hatching, if needed. >>Click here to calculator IVF costs.

We also offer a pre-planned embryo transfer (PET) programfor women or couples who wish to bank their embryos now, for transfer at a later date when pregnancy will be more convenient. This means that before age (older than 35) becomes a critical factor for egg quality and chances for pregnancy, a woman can undergo IVF up to egg retrieval and embryo culture, but the embryos are frozen until such time as the woman or couple decide they want to proceed with pregnancy.

The fee for a complete standard-IVF PET cycle up to embryo freezing is $4,000. This covers all the medical and laboratory services mentioned above for a standard IVF cycle, except embryo transfer. The frozen embryos will be stored for a reasonable annual fee at a tissue bank chosen by the patient.

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